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Overconsumption, oversized and just plain over-the-top were cornerstone features in this decade of excess and materialism. It was a time of abundance, optimism and unabashed greed.

The impacts of the fashion supply chain are vast. For the purposes of space, I’m going to set aside discussion of humans and animals and focus solely on the environmental costs.

Designers boldly emblazoned their logos on the exterior of their designs and their clothing became elite status symbols. Glamour in the s, as depicted in the popular TV shows Dallas and Dynasty, translated to bedazzled evening wear studded with sequins and beads.

Hair was permed, teased and coiffed to ever larger proportions and extravagance. Makeup was bold and colorful, as was of the era which featured large statement necklaces and long, dangling earrings which grazed the essays on vintage fashion. In contrast to the more conservative and affluent set, youthful counterculture was defining their own style.

Music continued to have a strong influence on fashion, particularly with the emergence of MTV which brought music fashion to the masses.

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Numerous pop music stars became style icons as well. Underwear as essay on vintage fashion wear, popularized by Madonna, infused street fashion with women donning crinolines and lacy bustiers.

New Wave music and the corresponding New Romantics essay on vintage fashion trend was further popularized by London designer Vivienne Westwood, who embraced historical fashion with the use of corsets and bustles and later created the mini-crini.

Japanese fashion designers continued to push fashion barriers exploring gender-bending, sculptural, avant-garde silhouettes.

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The fitness boom of the s, as part of this self-conscious and self indulgent essay on vintage fashion, spawned a fashion trend that took dance and exercise wear from the studio and gym to the runway and the street.

Jane Fonda sported neon leotards and leg warmers in her exercise videos and women soon embraced them as functional fashion. The aerobics craze influenced designer fashion with Lycra and other body conscious fabrics and styles infusing the essay on vintage fashion designs of Azzedine Alaia and bodysuits by Donna Karan.

The movie Flashdance inspired women to wear tight leggings paired with oversized, baggy sweatshirts case study project management organization the necklines cut to drape casually off one shoulder. Designer Norma Kamali created an entire collection fashioned of sweatshirt fabric.

Image Credit: Flickr / net_efekt. By: Amanda Froelich, True Activist. If you’re looking to make a difference, there a variety of ways you can use your power, vote with your dollar, and make your voice heard.

Jogging or track suits became socially acceptable as casual day wear. It is emerging as an era of sought-after vintage for its unique characteristics and lasting impact. Written by Vintage Devotion.